City of Gulf Breeze

Safety Guide

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Safety is Our Number One Priority

Our goal at Gulf Breeze Natural Gas is to provide you with a safe operating system.  If you desire additional information or have any questions, please contact us.

If You Smell Gas

If the odor is faint…
Follow your nose to the source. It may be an appliance where the pilot light is out or a burner valve that is not fully closed, as in a stovetop. Shut off the burner; re-light the pilot light.

If you can’t find the source, or if the odor persists, call 934-5100 for assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s free.

If the odor is intense and seems to be everywhere…

If the odor is in your house or building: (1) Get out immediately. (2) Do NOT light a match; do NOT switch anything on or off; do NOT use the phone inside your house. (3) When you are safely away (at your neighbor’s house, for example), call 934-5100. If the odor is outside your house, call 934-5100 immediately.

Before You Dig

Under that nice lawn in your yard, there is a network of water lines, utility cables, and even natural gas pipes. If you don’t know where these pipes, lines, and cables are located, do NOT dig until you find out. To have someone come and put up “locate” flags (or paint marks) that show where the pipes, water lines, and cables are, just call —

Sunshine One Call
811 or

If the digging is going to be done by a service provider (contractor, landscaper, cable installer, etc.), the provider should contact Sunshine One Call to get locate service. As proof that your service providers have done this, ask them to give you the serial number from the locate ticket which they must get from Sunshine One Call.

This is a FREE service.

Our pipeline system is constructed of coated steel mains with cathodic protection and medium density polyethylene (PE) pipe. This PE pipe is specifically manufactured for the natural gas industry.