City of Gulf Breeze

Connect to Gas

We look forward to providing you the very best customer service!

STEP ONE: Gas Availability

(Please Allow 5-7 Business Days for Status)

STEP TWO: Apply for New Service

(EXPECTED WAIT TIME is currently 10-12 Weeks from the time of opening an account & paying tap fee)

STEP THREE: Apply for Rebates 

  1. Fill out the Online Form: SERVICE AVAILABILITY APPLICATION to determine if a gas main exists on your street or if a main can be extended to your home. Please allow seven business days for our team of technicians to determine your status. 

  2. If gas is available,  fill out the Online Form APPLICATION FOR NEW SERVICE ; Once your gas account is set up, you will be placed on our New Install Schedule. Our current wait time is 10 weeks for a scheduled install. Your one-time costs will include: $50 utility deposit, $30 non-refundable set-up/turn-on fee, $20 non-refundable charge for a required excess flow valve. If you are going to install only low-usage appliances (e.g., fireplace, grill, generator), there will also be a $300 non-refundable service fee.

  3. Once your Natural Gas is turned on, NOW it’s time to APPLY for REBATES! Visit our Rebates page to learn more or fill out the Online Form: REBATES APPLICATION

Here are other Recommendations:

  1. Have your plumber take out the necessary permits to install your interior piping, venting, and appliances.

  2. When the piping and appliances have been installed, the installation MUST be inspected by Santa Rosa County Inspections and a final inspection sticker must be put in place.

  3. Your plumber must then request that Santa Rosa County notify Gulf Breeze Natural Gas that a final inspection has been done.

  4. We recommend that you call us to verify if we have received notification of the final inspection; at the same time you can make an appointment to have your gas turned on (and your appliances lighted if needed). An adult must be at home to have the gas service turned on. If no one is home for the appointment, there will be a $25 charge for each subsequent service trip.

Billing Information

Billing begins as soon as your meter has been installed and the City finance office has received the necessary paperwork.

Whenever your billing address changes, please be sure to notify our office