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Toss out your budget-busting electric equipment, replace it with natural gas equipment, and you may qualify for a total of $1,300 in rebates. This program is also available for new homes built with the natural gas equipment noted below.

$   500 rebate
Natural gas heat
$   400 rebate
Natural gas water heater
$   200 rebate
Natural gas clothes dryer
$   100 rebate
Natural gas stove
$    50 rebate
Natural gas fireplace
$    50 rebate
Natural gas grill

For our great Gulf Breeze Natural Gas customers who may need to replace major natural gas equipment in their homes with new natural gas equipment, we are pleased to offer the following rebates:

  • $ 500 rebate for natural gas heat

  • $ 400 rebate for a natural gas water heater

There may also be federal tax credits available for energy-saving installations in your home. For information, go to

Follow These Steps!


  1. Complete Online Form: REBATES APPLICATION or you can mail/drop off at our office, City Hall – 1070 Shoreline Dr.  

  2. We will review your registration to verify you meet the requirements for eligibility. Please note at least one “Primary” Appliance must be installed to be eligible for “Additional” Appliance Rebates. Please see Online Form for details. 

  3. After your NG appliances have been installed, submit copies of your receipts including the plumber’s installation receipt if applicable.

  4. Once all paperwork has been received we will set up an inspection appointment. Rebate will be issued upon inspection approval. It usually takes at least four weeks to receive Rebates check in the mail. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 

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